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Threads Tensors

Threads tensors 

Alternative or complement to injections of hyaluronic acid, the tensor threads make it possible to put in tension the zones presenting a relaxation. The tension threads that I use are Aptos threads, inventors of the concept of notched threads.

The tensor threads make it possible to lift the eyebrows, reshape the cheekbones, reduce the nasolabial folds, lighten the jowls, embellish the oval as well as the submental region and the neck.


The sutures are placed under the skin in the subcutaneous tissue, in the office, under local anesthesia. 

The procedure lasts between 20 and 40 minutes depending on the areas treated and the number of threads placed.

Aptos sutures are absorbable and are made of materials used in surgical sutures for a very long time and therefore well known and without risk of rejection or allergy. They consist of 75% polylactic acid and 25% caprolactone.

The 3rd generation Aptos threads - new for 2022 - are also coated with hyaluronic acid which provides internal hydration which allows better rejuvenation of the treated area.

An immediate result 

Avoid massages, heat (exposure to the sun, hammam and sauna) it sports for a week. Some irregularities and/or bruising may be visible the first few days after the treatment. 

Rate :

  • From 800 euros eyebrow lifting (fox eyes) 

  • 1600 euros the treatment of the cheekbones and oval of the face  

  • 1800 euros neck treatment

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