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From the start of my medical studies, I felt drawn to plastic surgery. I was fascinated by the possibility of being ableshape the face and body.It is a surgical specialty that is both extremely technical and precise, but which also requires an artistic approach to the human body. Moreover, from adolescence I was passionate about anatomy and the search for ideal proportions when I drew the models, women and men, who posed at the Académie de Meuron, an art school in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Plastic surgery is a varied, fascinating field, which evolves and specializes constantly and is committed to helping to create -or recreate-harmonyand thewelfareto which each of us aspires.

Each age has of course its own concerns, but I find in each of my patients the desire to feel good, or better, in their skin while keeping their naturalness.

I take the time to get to know each new patient, to precisely understand their request, to create a privileged and trusting relationship, to sometimes give some advice on small changes in daily life (sport, diet, philosophy of life) already making you feel better.

Sometimes aesthetic medical treatment, minimally invasive and non-surgical, may suffice while in other situations, only surgery will give the desired result.

After more than fifteen years dedicated to aesthetics, I am able to advise you and then perform with finesse and precision the gesture you need.

In any case, I like to carry out treatments with a natural look, I like what is called the“French Touch”, that is to say, to sublimate your beauty, whether you are“the same only better”.


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