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"Like the nose in the middle of the face" they say about what is impossible to conceal... Frequently a source of complex, the nose has several defects which can be corrected very well without resorting to surgery... What I propose:



A slightly drooping nose tip, an unsightly bump, a moderate deviation or persistent defects after surgical rhinoplasty?

The immense advantage of this technique is that it is easily carried out in the office, most often directly during the first consultation and that apart from some redness or slight oedema the result is immediately visible, without social eviction.

The principle of this treatment consists of filling in the hollows and softening certain contours in order to make the nose more harmonious. The tip of the nose can be refined, straightened or its projection can be improved (Asian nose for example). Too visible, irregular cartilage or persistent asymmetries after surgical rhinoplasty can be reduced.

Of course, for a good result, the indication to carry out a remodeling of the nose with hyaluronic acid must be good; indeed, a nose that is too wide, wings of the nose very flattened, a tip that is too heavy, are bad indications and require surgical rhinoplasty instead.

Dr. Sophie Martella Favre, as a plastic surgeon specializing in aesthetics for many years, will know how to beautify your nose in a precise, subtle and natural way.

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