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The first consultation is essential.

I am listening to you in order to understand what you do not like, or more, in your silhouette or your face.
I will share with you my impression of you and carefully explain the different possibilities that I can offer you.

It is important that you feeltrustduring this first interview.

Your first consultation will allow you to establish if your request is relevant and if its realization will give you satisfaction and help you achieve the desired harmony.
It will continue with the explanation of the different possible techniques to achieve the optimal result, as well as the inevitable drawbacks (presence and location of scars for example) and possible complications (mainly infection or hematoma).

A consultation is an exchange.You will not hesitate to ask me all the questions that come to mind, this is important to approach the future intervention as calmly as possible.
A time of reflection then is essential before considering the second consultation, free, but obligatory before any surgical intervention.

Of course, I carry out all of the different treatments and interventions that I offer myself.

All operations require post-operative follow-up consultations. When you accept an operation, you agree to follow the post-operative instructions and to attend the follow-up consultations. Indeed, post-operative care helps to optimize the desired result.

Post-operative consultations are free for one year.

Your consultation

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