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Our prices

Any act will be preceded by the production of an estimate.
In cosmetic surgery, this estimate must respect a reflection period of 15 days before the intervention is carried out, in accordance with the legislation in force.

Doctor Sophie MARTELLA FAVRE is non-contracted (sector 3), this means that her actions are not covered by health insurance, that is to say that all the costs related to your intervention are your responsibility. *

The prices below include all the costs related to the intervention, i.e. the fees of the surgeon, his operating assistant and the anesthetist, the costs of the operating room and hospitalization, as well as than the price of any implants (breast augmentation by prostheses).
They are informative and not contractual; They can vary according to the complexity and the duration of your intervention, the type of anesthesia, the duration of the hospitalization.

Only an initial consultation with Doctor Sophie Martella Favre will allow us to establish a detailed and personalized estimate.

  • First consultation: 120 €

  • Subsequent consultations: free

  • Post-operative consultations: free for one year

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