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Gynecomastia Cure

Gynecomastiacorresponds to the presence of overdeveloped breasts in a man. Gynecomastia is made up of an accumulation of fatty tissue or excessive breast tissue. It can be due to different causes such as hormonal disorders or taking certain medications; however, in the majority of cases, no cause is found. Its surgical treatment consists of removing the excess gland and/or fat in order to restore its masculine aspect to the torso.

It is of course necessary to rule out a drug, hormonal or tumoral cause for this excess development of the chest by carrying out a complete pre-operative assessment. The first examination to be carried out consists of a simple ultrasound of the breasts: Most often, this reveals that the excess is composed exclusively of adipose tissue (adipomastia) and thus makes it possible to consider an operation by simple lipoaspiration.


It is an outpatient procedure that lasts about an hour and will not leave scars. It allows you to very quickly find a torso with a natural and masculine appearance.

Rate :

  • From 4800€

In summary :

  • Intervention  from a   two hours, under General anaesthesia

  • Postoperative painwell controlled byrs simple analgesics

  • Some edemaand bruises possible but visible result immediately.

  • Absorbable sutures, very discreet scars after a few months.

  • Shower allowedfrom the 2nd day post-op

  • No need tomedical care

  • Convalescenceone week, depending on the activity; 4 to 6 weeks without sport.

  • Control consultationpost-operative at 1 week, at 1 month then at 3, 6 and 12.

  • Wearing a vest compression 4 to 6 weeks post-op

  • Final result after about 3 months.

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