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Lip Surgery Or Lip Lift

Upper lip liftis the only technique that can shorten the white lip, that is to say the area located between the nostrils and the upper lip and which tends to lengthen with aging.

It is an intervention with an immediate result which can be carried out in the same operating time as a blepharoplasty, a facelift or a lipostructure of the face.


It can be performed under local anesthesia or under general anesthesia for more comfort. It allows you to return home a few hours after the operation, but the consequences will be marked by discomfort more than pain, swelling and sometimes bruising which can last 10 days. This intervention leaves a very discreet scar under the nostrils.

Rate :

  • From 3100€

In summary :

  • Outpatient procedure, local anesthesia or light sedation or general anesthesia

  • Convalescence short, but social eviction of about ten days; 4 weeks without sport

  • Result visible immediately, even if final around 3 months

  • Imperceptible scarsafter some weeks

  • Absorbable threads, scars very discreet after a few months

  • Intervention that can easily be coupled with alipostructurelips or face

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