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The Cervico-Facial Lift Or Classic Face Lift

Cervicofacial liftinghelps reshape the face, redefine the cheekbones and the oval, raise the jowls and tighten the neck if necessary.

A cervico-facial lift

must bring freshness to the face, the famous "French Touch" and above all not a drawn or frozen appearance. It should give you back your "before" face, a healthy glow in a natural way. It must always respect your morphology in order to rejuvenate you without transforming you.

The principle of intervention

is to reposition the sagging muscles in their youthful position, without tension, then to redrape the skin above in a natural way. The scars are located in front and behind the ear and in the hair and are almost imperceptible after a few weeks.

The facelift can be associated with an intervention on the eyelids (upper and/or lower blepharoplasty), a lift of the upper lip (lip lift) or a lipofilling of the areas of the face which would have been dug with aging.

The desired result is to obtain your "before face", that is to say to regain your youth, without distorting the face. The effect obtained is therefore as natural as possible.


A face and/or neck lift is performed under sedation or general anesthesia and lasts between 1h30 and 3h depending on the size of the operation. Depending on the type of operation, it can sometimes be done on an outpatient basis, but most often it is preferable to plan a post-operative night in the clinic.

Edemas and bruises are visible for 10 to 15 days. The sutures are removed in the office after 5 to 7 days. The result, visible from the outset, improves over the months and is optimal after 6 months to a year.

Rate :

  • From 8000€

In summary :

  • Intervention under sedation or general anesthesia, outpatient or overnight hospitalization

  • Convalescence  and social eviction for 10 to 15 days; 4 weeks without much effort

  • Control and ablation of threadsafter a week

  • Imperceptible scarsafter some weeks

  • Blepharoplasty, lipofilling of dark circles, cheekbones or temples or an upper lip lift can be performed at the same time as a cervico-facial lift

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