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Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine offers various treatments that are simple, quick to perform, minimally invasive and whose results are immediate and without social eviction, unlike aesthetic surgery.

The aesthetic medicine procedures performed by Dr. Sophie Martella Favre mainly include injections of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid, but also the placement of tensor threads as well as various laser treatments. These treatments often make it possible to avoid, or at least to delay, the surgical act.

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Sophie Martella Favre is able to advise you and then perform with finesse and precision the aesthetic intervention you need.

The various aesthetic medicine treatments offered by Dr. Sophie Martella Favre are carried out in the consulting room.

The look

Perhaps the most essential area of the face, the look reflects our mood, our state of mind, our feelings... or not! The thin and delicate skin around the eye can deteriorate, even in young people, and make you look sad, or angry, or tired... What I can correct:

Three beautiful women with hair coloring in ultra blond. Stylish hairstyle curls done in a
The mouth

Symbol of seduction, a luscious mouth, with well hydrated and hemmed lips, is an undeniable asset of charm... The embellishment of the mouth can be done at any age provided you respect your style and remain natural.. . What I can do :

Diverse group of women isolated over background.jpg
The nose

"Like the nose in the middle of the face" they say about what is impossible to conceal... Frequently a source of complex, the nose has several defects that can be corrected very well without resorting to surgery... What I propose:

Multi-ethnic beauty. Different ethnicity women - Caucasian, African, Asian and Indian..jpg

THE  Cheekbones

The main focal point of the light, the cheekbone structures the face... Raising the cheekbones has an incredible rejuvenating and beautifying effect... What I can correct:

(Then correct after beautify and rejuvenate, change "fine lines" to "treat fine lines"...and do the same for "mouth")

Portrait of a young woman with natural makeup and natural styling.Advertising natural cosm

The oval and the neck

As I age, the lower part of the face relaxes, the oval loses its sharpness, the neck becomes marked with folds and muscle cords... What I can do:

Low angle of young pretty Asian and Caucasian ladies with different types of skin standing

The skin

Young, fresh, radiant, plump, luscious, flawless skin... Why not? ... What I propose:

Playful Model_edited_edited.jpg
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