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Breast Augmentation

Mammal augmentation

Breast implantsare reliable, flexible and offer a wide variety of shapes and textures, allowing a natural rendering after an intervention with most often simple consequences, provided of course that you have been well prepared.

Breast augmentation by lipofilling

If its indications are more restricted, breast augmentation by injection of fat into the breasts or breast lipofilling allows the patient's own fat to be reused.

It has the advantage of giving an extremely natural result, without scars. The fat is removed by liposuction depending on the excess fat present in the patient.
It is therefore not suitable for very thin women but, on the contrary, can sometimes improve the silhouette twice during a single operation. Lipofilling has the disadvantage of not gaining as much volume as a breast implant.

Breast augmentation by breast prosthesis or breast implant

The most common solution.
Depending on the situation, the prosthesis will be placed behind the mammary gland or behind the pectoralis major muscle with an incision either at the level of the nipple or under the breast.
The technique that often renders the most natural is that of the Dual Plan, which combines a retro-muscular position of the implant in its upper part with a retro-glandular placement in its lower part.

During your first consultation, I will explain to you what techniques are possible in your case, what are the risks and the alternatives, then you will try different "external implants" in order to find out what you like and harmonize your silhouette.

A breast implant or breast prosthesis is a foreign body and even if complications are much less frequent with current materials, it should not be forgotten that the development of capsulitis, or shell, is rare but always possible.

Current implants, however, offer great security and a significantly reduced risk of shell. Moreover, it is no longer mandatory to change them after ten years, but regular medical monitoring is obviously always recommended.


In the end, breast augmentation by prostheses is an intervention that allows you to obtain an immediate increase in the breasts by choosing the desired size and shape thanks to the many models of implants available.

It is a procedure with very few complications and poor results provided it is performed by a qualified and competent plastic surgeon.

All the prostheses I use are made in France and bear the "CE" mark, which guarantees their quality. All prostheses also benefit from the authorization of the ANSM (National Secure Agency for Medicines and Health Products). The intervention is carried out under anesthesia, lasts 1h-1h30, does not require a drain and allows the return home the same day or the next day. Wearing a compression bra 24 hours a day for 4 to 6 weeks is mandatory.
The threads are absorbable and the scars located either at the level of the areola or under the breast are very discreet after a few months.

Composite breast augmentation

Combines breast augmentation by breast prosthesis and lipofilling. It therefore makes it possible to combine the advantages of the two techniques, lipofilling making it possible to homogenize the breast by further camouflaging the implant. Finally, breast augmentation with breast lift or mastopexy is the solution to treat ptosis, empty or sagging breasts. It allows both to increase the size of the breast and to straighten it, but at the cost of larger and therefore more visible scars.

Rate :

  • From 6500€

In summary :

  • Postoperative painwell controlled by simple analgesics

  • Some edemaand bruises possible but visible result immediately.

  • Absorbable threads, very discreet scars after a few months.

  • Shower allowedfrom the 2nd day post-op

  • No need tomedical care

  • Convalescenceone week, depending on the activity; 4 to 6 weeks without sport.

  • Control consultationpost-operative at 1 week, at 1 month then at 3, 6 and 12.

  • Wearing a bracompression 4 to 6 weeks post-op

  • Final result after about 3 months.

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