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Mastopexy Or Cure Of Breast Ptosis

Breast ptosis cure,also called breast lift or mastopexy, is the intervention that allows to raise and reshape the chest when it is emptied or drooping. This operation allows both to restore a nice curve to the whole breast, but also to raise and reshape the areolas.

The volume of your breasts is too large: it is also a question of reshaping the breast by removing a little glandular-adipose tissue, as during a breast reduction.

The volume of your breasts is insufficient:we will discuss breast augmentation associated with breast lift, that is to say the interest of adding a breast implant at the same time or performing breast lipofilling.

We speak of breast ptosis when the breasts are sagging, emptied in their upper part, or they have lost their shape and tone due either to a loss of volume or to distension of the skin.
The breast then appears too low and the neckline is no longer pleasant.
Breasts are made up of mammary gland and fatty tissue and supported only by skin. These are very sensitive tissues to hormonal variations and weight changes.

The treatment of breast ptosis or breast lift allows you to find "her breasts before", to correct the sagging of the chest following pregnancy or breastfeeding or simply following weight variations.
It also makes it possible to correct any asymmetry and can be, during the same operation, associated with an increase or conversely with a reduction in the volume of the breasts.


This intervention allows in the end to find a young, natural chest, with a nice curve, and to restore the harmony of the body which allows to feel again good in its body and its femininity.

During your first consultation, I will explain in detail the different possibilities according to your chest and your wishes.

The purpose of the intervention will then be to reshape them so that they regain “their youth” or their shape before the pregnancies; it is a cure for classic breast ptosis also called breast lift or mastopexy. It is an intervention that is most often performed on an outpatient basis, under general anesthesia and which lasts between 1h30 and 3h. Its duration and the importance of the scars will depend on the degree of pre-operative ptosis, the excess skin, the position of the areola and
association with an increase or reduction in breast volume during the same operation. It does not require drains. The sutures are most often completely resorbable. Its consequences are very painless.

There are 3 possibilities of scar resulting from a breast ptosis operation, depending on the degree of sagging skin, the position -height- of the areolas before the intervention as well as the association of an increase or reduction in breast volume at the same operative time.


Periareolar scar:

  when the degree of ptosis is minor or when increasing the volume of the breast during the operation.


Inverted T scar:

  when the degree of ptosis is minor or when increasing the volume of the breast during the operation.

Periareolar scar and vertical scar:

  when the degree of ptosis is minor or when increasing the volume of the breast during the operation.

Rate :

  • From 6900€

In summary :

  • Interventionsub General anaesthesia

  • No drains

  • Postoperative painwell controlled byrs simple analgesics

  • Some edemaand bruises possible but visible result immediately.

  • Absorbable threads, very discreet scars after a few months.

  • Shower allowedfrom the 2nd day post-op

  • No need tomedical care

  • Convalescenceone week, depending on the activity; 4 to 6 weeks without sport.

  • Control consultationpost-operative at 1 week, at 1 month then at 3, 6 and 12.

  • Wearing a bracompression 4 to 6 weeks post-op

  • Final result after about 3 months.

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