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Ear Surgery Or Otoplasty

ear surgeryallows to reform the fold of the antihelix when it is absent – first cause of protruding ears-, to reduce the projection of the concha, to reduce the size of the whole ear if necessary or simply of the lobe or even to repair a split or damaged lobe.

There are a wide variety of ear shapes and sizes.

When they are detached or prominent, they can be a source of complexes.


is performed in the theater under local anesthesia or under light sedation for more comfort and lasts between 45min and 2h depending on the size of the operation. It allows you to return home the same day.

Swelling and bruising are visible for 6-10 days. The sutures are removed in the office after 5 to 7 days. The result, visible from the outset, improves over the months.

Rate :

  • From 3900€

In summary :

  • Outpatient procedure, local anesthesia or light sedation or general anesthesia

  • Convalescenceshort, no social eviction, 6 weeks without sport

  • Result visible immediately, even if definitive around 3 months

  • Imperceptible scarsafter some weeks

  • Son absorbable, very discreet scars after a few months

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